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Thread: 2 consecutive number VIN Deloreans for sale

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    All this talk about eyebrows makes me relate something funny. I just did the eyebrow fix a couple days ago. (Heat and aluminum inserts) Anyways, when I was in the disassembling phase, I noticed wood inserts were allready there. They were about 3/4" by 3/16" and maybe 12" long. When I removed them, I noticed they had a perfect curve that matched my eyebrows. Lol.

    Also found a animal nest behind the grill. Not sure if it was bird or rodent. I guess that confirms mine as a "barnfind".

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    Quote Originally Posted by artisticent View Post
    Looks like one of those is the very rare one of kind DWC. Priceless lol. Seriously though on another note one of them seems to have the eyebrow situation going on. At such low miles this would disprove the heat from the headlamps causing the issue wouldn't it?
    I don't see the typical eyebrow problem. The fascia is sagging in the middle. Because this is the parts car, most likely the Front Facia Reinforcement panel (Part # 105678 ) was scavenged off the car. This panel supports the middle of the fascia.

    Here is the exploded view of mine when I had the fascias refurbished. That panel is on the right.


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