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Ive been in a similar situation. It is absolutely terrible. I remember having to stop for a long train. The car was perpendicular to the way a breeze was blowing, so we opened the doors and had a nice cross-breeze to cool off.
This reminds me of a helicopter I use to fly. It had AC and windows about the size of the car. I had to shut down one engine because of a problem. The AC would not work if you were flying on one engine. The body was so aero-dynamic, that even at a 100 knots, no air would really come in the windows. I had to fly the whole way back to base (45 min.) with my hand out the window to cup some air. This was in the middle of summer in the Gulf of Mexico. I was drenched with sweat when I got back.

This has me thinking. Another helo I use to fly (Bell) had flip out plexiglass things that brought lots of air in. They looked stupid because they were always there. But I suppose you could make some that could be carried in the luggage compartment for emergency.