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Thread: Idle Speed Motor failing?

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    Question Idle Speed Motor failing?

    ( Link to Facebook post with video below. Let me know if you can't view it )

    I believe the stock ECU was compensating for my idle speed motor (which may or may not be throwing off my dwell reader). With Dave's ECU being more strict on function, it has a "rubber band" effect when taking your foot off the gas as it tries to hold the idle.
    I performed a full closed idle test (mode switch 7), but the car would die, and give me 3 flashes of a green light on the ECU board.
    Adding in all the noise now coming from the back, and that my last vacuum smoke test found smoke coming from the Idle Speed Motor, I'm going to swap it with a new one to see if there's a difference? #vin4693
    Mason Fowlkes
    St. Peters, Missouri

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    what do you mean with "rubebr band effect, tries to hold the idle" ?

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    I'm thinking the "rubber band" effect may be normal RPM recovery by the ISM, accentuated by the vacuum leaks (vacuum rises when the plates close -- so will leaks). Dwell don't mean a lot when you have vacuum leaks.

    Your temp gauge isn't working, so no guess as to O2 sensor and going into closed loop...

    FWIW, you should connect the dwell meter ground to the blue wire connected to the rear of the right air horn.

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