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Thread: No power, won't rev under load. Low fuel pressure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadster View Post
    I'm having trouble understanding what component would prevent this if it appears to be operating.
    Follow the suggestions Bitsyncmaster gave you in post 18.

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    There are other things that can prevent the engine from producing full power. Check the timing, vacuum and mechanical advance. The motor may also need a tune-up if it has worn spark plugs or bad ignition wires. Vacuum leaks are also very common and will lean the fuel mixture out and "starve" the motor for fuel. Vacuum leaks will prevent the vacuum advance from working properly too. Getting back to the fuel system, dirty injectors that don't open and close at the right pressures, or have bad spray patterns will affect how the motor runs too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitsyncmaster View Post
    Reading 84 deg. says your lambda ECU is faulty. The most common problem is a missing ground going to the lambda ECU. Check that the two grounds running through the bulkhead connectors are attached to the engine block.
    I appreciate all the suggestions. This seems likely but I've spent the past couple weeks carefully going over every ground and connection I can find and I am still not certain where the physical ground locations for this one are located. Does anyone have a photo or description of where I might find the Lambda ECU ground mentioned above? After every check I still get the same reading from the frequency valve with the dwell meter.


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    Here is the bulkhead wire list. I fixed the original because it did not state the two grounds that are used by the Lambda ECU. Look at wire #22 and #23.
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