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Thread: Simple Battery Float Charger

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    Simple Battery Float Charger

    This will keep your battery charged when you car is parked for a long time. The solar panel needs to face South at about a 45 degree angle or so. If you have to run a long length of wire to mount your solar panel, just buy a cheap 18ga. Or 16ga. extension cord and cut off the ends. We got the solar panel and the charge controller off of Amazon and they are relatively inexpensive. Cheers! -DS
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    Good idea! This type of setup is also common for electric boat lifts as they often aren't near a power source. I see you are charging a marine battery which make me wonder if you are doing something similar.
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    I am convinced you are Bill Robertson from an alternate reality where he is more handy with electronics.

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    We set this up for my sonís camper trailer because he has a small drain on the battery. Itís been working great for about a year now.
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