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Thread: Why is the Delorean special

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    Why is the Delorean special

    I have owned several unique/unusual/classic cars, but nothing prepared me for the "Delorean effect". I own a 74' VW Beetle. It gets lots of attention. But let's face it, a Beetle is probably the most recognized car in the world. In my old job, I use to travel extensively all over the world. If you were to ask me than what car was most recognized after the Beetle, I would have said "Corvette". I saw Corvettes in Russia, Germany, France, South Africa, Hong Kong, England, Japan, Brazil and more. I actually saw more Vettes in Italy then Lamborghinis or Farraris. (Didn't see a Lamborghini) The people in these countries knew what a Vette was too.

    Of course, I never saw a Delorean in my travels. So I never got to ask locals if they knew what it was. I wonder if it's only a US thing.

    What makes the Delorean stand out?

    PS, I'm trying to create a poll here. I checked the box, but I don't see it coming up. Maybe it comes up after I submit.

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    This is a question worthy of DeLorean Fanatics.  9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    This is a question worthy of DeLorean Fanatics.
    Slow posting weekend, so I thought I'll help the forum keep active.

    Are the gull wing doors the main attraction? I have to say only a hand full of cars have them. Mercedes, Bricklin, a few kit cars. Might be a couple more rare production cars I can't think of. But the doors aren't really that visible when closed. I have people beep their horns-and wave at me constantly when the doors are closed. I voted stainless skin because you can see it from afar. A friend of mine told me you can buy stainless jeeps in Guam and the surrounding islands because the salt air distroys everything else. I've never seen one. There might be some other cars with SS skin, but I'm not aware.

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    I think that it's a combination of factors that make it such a unique car. I've had so many people come u p to me and say i've never seen one in person before, yet they know exactly what the car is. Or some come up and actually ask what kind of car it is. I think it's a combination of the gullwing doors, the stainless panels and the actual styling/look of the car. This is such a low car, looks small, yet is roomy and comfortable. People don't know what to expect when the doors open. Most people ask how to open the doors, or how does it drive? You'd honestly think these people were asking about a spaceship, not a car. I love all the questions i get, even the stupid ones that are sometimes annoying. Owning the most unique car in the world is quite a privilage that is sometimes hard to describe or hard for people to understand. We are a unique group of people with the most unique and recognized car on the planet and i absolutely love every minute of it!

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    The movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by white out View Post
    The movies.

    80% of the people who see the car remember it "from that movie..." or it's "the Back to the Future car!", 5% know what it is from other experiences in their lives and 15% don't know what the hell it is at all.
    -----Dan B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by white out View Post
    The movies.
    Quote Originally Posted by dn010 View Post

    80% of the people who see the car remember it "from that movie..." or it's "the Back to the Future car!", 5% know what it is from other experiences in their lives and 15% don't know what the hell it is at all.
    It would seem to be a major factor. I wonder how that plays in other countries? I'm sure BTTF was shown in all English speaking countries. Not sure if it was as big a hit. It probably was translated to a couple others. But I wonder about countries that never got the movie. I would guess it's unheard of.

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    I really think it's a bit of both. The move introduced the car to a lot of people and gave it a "Character" - everyone loves to live out a movie fantasy in real life. But the fact that the DeLorean is such a distinctive (and IMHO amazing) car on it's own right captivates people in the real world when they see one. If the movie Used a Pinto it wouldn't be iconic. The DeLorean on it's own is a fantasy car. Gull wings, Stainless steel, Distinctive style. The DeLorean made the time machine and vice versa.

    And look at all the DeLorean documentaries out now - it really has it's own amazing and complex story. We knew that and others are seeing that now.

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    hello everyone,
    in germany the car is very well known - of course through bttf films. the very special design is also marvelled at again and again only very few people don't know the car. it is very rare to see a delorean on the street in germany and so people are always very enthusiastic and ask many questions :-) many think it is aluminium. very few know the story.
    in italy, the delorean is very well known among children and seniors and they clap their hands and are very happy. of course, they are enthusiastic about the design - it is also due to the car mentality of the italians.
    in the netherlands, belgium and france, people are also enthusiastic and the thumbs up are obligatory.
    i think the films have contributed the most to the popularity.

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    I don't think it's as simple an answer as "The Movies".

    Had they made the time machine out of some other car, or that refrigerator... i don't think it would have had the same influence on people. I cant say I'd be falling over myself to buy a refrigerator because it was the same one they used in the movie. Look at other movie cars as an example, they have their following but they have nowhere near the recognition in their stock form as the DeLorean.

    The DeLorean is special. It has the exotic styling, the stainless steel, and then you see the gullwing doors pop open. All that makes for a lasting impression on people. And don't forget its notorious story that came before the movies.

    My point is, The movies were just the medium that introduced people to the car. But it is the attributes of the car that make it so special.

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