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Thread: Any recommended AC Compressor replacements?

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    Iím running a universal parallel flow condenser on 4194. IIRC it was less than $100 back in 2016. Itís the same height as the stock condenser, but itís about 3 inches shorter in length. I replaced an older vendor supplied tube and fin unit which never delivered decent vent temps. The parallel flow condenser delivers vent temps similar to the stock serpentine unit. (Low 40s with 134a). Thus, I wouldnít recommend replacing an otherwise good stock unit with a universal parallel flow, but itís a good option to replace a damaged / missing condenser and better than a tube and fin.

    I can find the part number and supplier name if anyone wants it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
    I can find the part number and supplier name if anyone wants it.
    ...ahem *coughs conspicuously*

    Quote Originally Posted by FABombjoy View Post
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