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My front suspension has camber, caster, and of course toe adjustments and does not need to be disassembled to adjust. Took it to a local shop and it was in and out in less than an hour. What is your setup?

my upper A arm is custom and has Rod ends on the end that connects to the frame original pivot bolt location. I can adjust camber and caster that way. to screw the rod ends in or out, I need to pull out the upper pivot bolt. lower arm is a modified, shortend and boxed original one, located by a custom sway bar. shock is now a coilover, using a 10" 2.5" dia spring. the upper and lower mounts of the coilover are a thru bolt setup. the lower attachment is on top of the lower arm now, and the upper is on brackets that go up from the frame shock towers into the storage compartment. the left and right side upper shock pivot/thru bolts are connected together with a bar that goes across- aka strut bar.