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Thread: Window Switches

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    Window Switches

    I am getting tired of cleaning the contacts inside the original window switches. I've even tried coating them with dielectric grease. But after only a few weeks the job needs done again. I want to keep the original look but is there switches out there with different, always working "guts"?

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    The new DMCH switches have been reliable. The are a little taller then the stock switches.
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    I've never cleaned the contacts on mine. The car has a 100 K miles. Don't know if they are original, but I would say something else is going on with yours if they fail in a few weeks.

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    You might want to put a multimeter on the plug. Sounds like you might be getting constant current and the contacts are getting hot and coated.

    Test in off and both positions just to rule out voltage spikes too.  9

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