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Thread: Which Stage I exhaust is "better" for lack of a better word?

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    Question Which Stage I exhaust is "better" for lack of a better word?

    Hi guys,

    So, I'm gonna do me some enginework this winter, and as part of the preparation I have been doing some close inspection of the engine from below, with the car on a hoist. Among other things I noted that I have several holes in the exhaust system, which I'm assuming is the reason why the car is very noisy.

    It seems to be the stock exhaust and I might just get a SS stock-ish exhaust, but I'd rather take the opportunity to do a little tweaking. Problem is: I'd actually much prefer if the car was both fairly quiet AND fairly powerful. Assuming that's a natural tradeoff, an exhaust that helps with performance makes the engine more noisy, I'd still like to hear some opinions on what stage I exhaust upgrade would be better.

    I know of DMCH stage I gen 2 and DPI gen 3 as options. Did I miss some other option? What are your opinions?
    Part of me wants to go for more power, but part of me wants the car to be less noisy.

    Which is the quieter one?
    Which one gives the highest increase in power?

    Opinions, questions, comments, please.

    (Optimally the exhaust would increase performance, but be visually and auditory indistinguishable from stock.)
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    None of them are quieter than stock.

    They all offer very small performance gains.

    Iíve run DPI and like it very much.

    I donít know if the DMCH option still uses the angular muffler, but that was a real turn off for me.

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    Delorean Go has a option.
    DMCH still has the angular muffler.

    I have one of DPIs early models. I'm not running cats so i'm sure it's a little louder than with. But it's not that loud that you're bothering the neighbors. The cabin is a little noisy until 5th gear. I think it gives a little something to the car. Not sure how much power is freed up but it definitely has to be something. When they got hot they do get a little quieter.

    My .02
    Dave B.
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    I have the DMCH Stage 1 Gen 1 kit but I swapped out the Flowmaster for a Magnaflow. The Flowmaster is oft criticized for having a raspy sound but the Magnaflow has a deeper, throaty sound. I would not say the Magnaflow is "loud" but it sounds a hell of a lot better than the original exhaust. Like others have said, it quiets down in 5th gear so you aren't getting a drone on the interstate.

    You said you'd prefer an exhaust kit that doesn't look different from the outside. I think all of the replacement exhaust systems go downwards before coming back up, so you'll see it poking down below the rear fascia. I haven't seen the UK exhaust up close though.. would like to see a straight ahead view of that one if anyone has it.
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    I have a Friend in Italy ,Named Fabio .
    He make Stage 1 exhaust for Italy Delorean club NES_ver2.jpg

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    Uk exhaust...

    i have the uk exhaust in my car without cats.. i like it.. its a bit loud but not obnoxious by any means..

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    I'm told by the NorCal peeps that DMC is presently out of cats for their exhaust. Also the only non-factory exhaust that will pass inspection in California.

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    The newest generation DMC Texas Stage 1 system with the catalytic converters installed is the most quiet aftermarket option. Like MrChocky said, this new generation system is CARB compliant which is why I believe they had to make the system a lot less noisy. There are several vids on youtube, but the system doesn't sound much louder than stock:

    Quieter = more restrictive = less power. However, I can't imagine there is much difference in power between the various aftermarket systems at the Stage 1/Spec 1 level.
    Louie Golden

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    As far as power, you really canít expect much. They say long tube headers can make 10% more hp. Of course none of the headers available would be considered ďlong tubeĒ. So Michaelís joke maybe close to the truth. I like the routing of the UK exhaust, but there is no provision for cats. You may not be in a state that requires emission testing now, but climate change alarmists might get more political power in the future. For these reasons, I went DPI and never looked back. As far as noise, itís louder when your playing, but very unobtrusive when your not.

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