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Thread: Sto N Sho front license plate quick detach system

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    Sto N Sho front license plate quick detach system

    A few months back I had my car fitted for a quick detach front license plate system made by Sto N' Sho as one of my friends from work also did this on the side with his family owned business. Like many others I had a state that required a front license plate and I met this requirement by buying one of these adapter plates from the vendors. After a few adjustments and fittings I was good to go with the first quick release front license plate system for a DeLorean. After 1000+ miles and 2+ months of ownership I'm really thinking that this is a product that more owners should consider. Its benefits of being quick detachable are however you see that serving you, in my case its great to be able to pull the plate off in all of a couple of seconds and clean behind it or just loose the thing in a jiffy if I'm storing the car in the garage and I don't want the front plate to conflict with the car cover.

    For those that take their cars out to events than this can be considered a convenient accessory as well should you want to loose the front plate. No modification to the front fascia was required and and everything is quickly removable if desired. The kit leaves a small receiving bracket attached to the front of the fascia by a bolt that secures the inlet screen in place. The story I'm told was that at a SEMA car show a number of years ago, Stephen Wynne was in talk with my friends company about having this product made but failed to provide the measurements and input to get it made. As luck would have it I stepped in and provided the sample car for this.

    If you're interested then check the product out at and for 10% off on the purchase use the coupon code OUTATIME.

    If a UK or EU plate is what you're after then email as he has these available as well. The DeLorean Tech YouTube series is expected to have a video out detailing this in the near future as well. Images are available from the installation instructions from the website or here at https://store-try8i50ooe.mybigcommer...eLorean%20.pdf
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    Cool idea.
    Dave M vin 03572

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    As you can tell in one of the pictures I have screw holes in my front fascia from the original owner and how they went about securing their front plate. The quick release system has been helpful in some recent visits to body-shops as I'm shopping around for someone to repair the urethane. +1 for a quick detach system.

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    I like this setup much more than the traditional bolt on plate brackets. I haven't run a front plate on my car since I got it, but if I had to I think this is what I'd go with.
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