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Thread: Need some help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitsyncmaster View Post
    OK. Now I see it with that last drawing. It was throwing me because the drawing was not representing what the PPR looks like. I knew the end of the PPR is a solid blocked fixture. It should have shown the #5 on the side of the drawing.
    Same here!...until I had an issue I was pulling hair over. The control pressure was high (almost matching PP) and I found a clogged WUR screen. Correcting that helped, but the pressures still acted odd. Trying to figure out WTH, I ran across the last docs. Long story short, the passage between the FD's WUR return line port and the piston's bore had a short section of the smaller o-ring plugging it as well...
    [As a side note: None of those drawings reveal that you can adjust the PP via the carrier crush washer thickness, somewhat... ;-]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    Not to nit pick, but wouldn't new seals be recommended once the banjo bolts have been loosened?
    In a perfect world, yes. Recommended.
    Dave S
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    Does anyone have the link to buy the parts handy? Also is there a pic or drawing to id the parts on the left side valve cover? A vacuum hose pulled off of the little round plastic thing that looks like a check valve, the line that goes to the Tee... I replaced it but it did not fix, is it related to the problem?


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