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Thread: Hunting While Cold or Hot

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    Hunting While Cold or Hot

    I have an automatic. When the car is in park ir will hunt whether it is cold or hot. While in drive, it does not hunt. Ideas where to start looking for the cause?

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    Vacuum leaks and dirty injectors
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    You can check the idle speed microswitch and make sure it is getting engaged properly by the lever arm on the throttle spool. While those set screws likely haven't moved, the spring can get gummed up or crusty and make it more difficult to come back fully to the rest position. If it isn't coming all the way back to rest, it'll do two things: the idle microswitch may not be getting engaged when it needs to, and inside the intake behind those "horns" the butterfly valves might not be closing all the way and letting air by when they aren't meant to be.

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