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Thread: Deer meets his maker

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    Deer meets his maker

    I've been a non-owner for a couple of years now. We moved to Hill country Texas from Houston and the Delorean just didn't make as much sense as a little convertible. I sold the Delorean and bought a BMW 228i convertible. Love it.

    The day after thanksgiving I was taking my son back to the airport in San Antonio when an 8 point buck decided to commit suicide... I had the dash cam running and caught the action. Check out the last picture. This was ~80 mph on I-10, middle of the day. Absolutely shot out of nowhere. I calculated that if I launched him at ~80mph at a 45* angle, he would have gone 110ft in the air with a hang time of 5.3 seconds. I'm truly sad to have killed him, but it's probably a good thing I never even got a chance to swerve or brake as it may have ended worse for us....... Car is now in shop, we'll see how badly it is damaged. I wonder how we would have faired had I still owned the D?

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    There's been a lot of deer strikes(and beer strikes) in the DeLorean community lately.

    Glad it didn't go through the windscreen and everyone is well. As a final homage, you should dress and eat the buck.  9

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    Impressive photos. That buck got some serious air time!
    David Proehl

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