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Thread: Manual telescopic antenna

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    Manual telescopic antenna

    Hi... I have the original fixed front antenna, which is bent from getting caught in the door when closing. I am not in a position to put in the motorized antenna. So curious if the manual telescoping antenna from DMC is a simple replacement. Has anyone done this DIY?

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    I would think if you have the standard fixed mast antenna on the right front fender, the manual antenna sold by DMCH would work for your car. According to their antenna knowledge-base document, this manual antenna was used for a short period between the fixed antenna and the automatic that was the eventual solution in the left pontoon. It looks like a good solution until you're ready to spring for the automatic unit.

    I've never seen a car with the manual front antenna. Perhaps someone that has one or has seen one can chime in?


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    I don’t know whether you’re interested, but there are a lot of options out there for FM antenna. I just wired a new stereo on a truck and used a stick on windshield antenna. It’s about a foot long and a half inch wide and gets good reception. It’s not very noticeable. It looks like a “square wave”. I got it on the bay for $12. They also have short thick stubby antennas that may even work under your dash board.

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    That kind of antennae only works if you are near to a powerful signal. It is a real pain to work on that fixed antennae in the fender because you must loosen and pull the fender open to get into that area. For all the work required to replace that antennae you might just as easily put the power antennae in. The vendors have kits to do that.
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