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Thread: Rear body bolt, used for brace in engine bay

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    Rear body bolt, used for brace in engine bay

    Posting this here too, as not everyone checks both forums.

    For the back story:

    So after apparently cross threading the captive nut trying to re-install the rear brace, and then not being able to remove the bolt, I was finally able to get the bolt out.

    Of course, now I need to figure out how to be able to properly re-install that rear brace/body bolt (driver's side).

    Advice is greatly appreciated.

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    How did you get the bolt out? I have the same bolt turning and not coming out. The captive nut is spinning. Thanks!

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    You can access the captive nut by removing the rear shock and spring. It's hidden behind the rubber spring insulator. The nut itself is square-sided with 10x1.25 metric threads
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    Awesome. Was going to need help on this since my nut is spinning too. I drilled the head off the bolt. I had no clue how to access the nut

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    Should be no need to drill the bolt out.
    Usually removing the spring and shock, then shoving a screwdriver between the nut and cage keeps the nut from spinning.

    Unless you drilled it all the way down to the nut it still will not come out with the shock removed.

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