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Thread: Spittybug - Designs for converting stock setup to EFI

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    I'm posting a link to a discussion on the Megasquirt/Tuner Studio board on the issues we were having with the Megasquirt board a couple of years ago:

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazabby View Post
    I wanted to revive an old thread to put in information for future records. We had a problem with the Megasquirt 3.57 board. The 3.0 board worked great in the Deloreans but not the 3.57 board. after several months of trying to fix the issue DYIAutoTune finally figured out what to do to fix it. They made changed to my board. Here is an email from Matt with DYIAutoTune:

    "The main difference between the V3.0 and V3.57 is the input impedance -
    it's higher on the V3.0. I have shipped this one with three
    resistor-on-a-wire jumpers to let you change the impedance. The one I
    think will be the best bet is a 15K with green leads, and I have put
    that in your ECU. There is also a red 10K and a blue 20K - use the red
    one if it won't sync at low RPM, or the blue if it's having high RPM
    problems but low RPM is fine."

    This was the change he made in my box. I've been running ok but haven't pushed the car to the red line. When I took my car in to the dyno shop, there was sync loss (?) at very high RPM so I plan to swap the green lead with the blue one to see if that makes a difference.
    As mentioned in another thread a proper crank position sensor would solve this issue entirely. No need for a custom MS box or an older revision. Switching resistors is just reaching a compromise with the sub-par rpm signal from the distributor.

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    Nice thing about the pre-assembled ECUs is that they already have the VR conditioner circuit installed. So then a trigger wheel, crank sensor, and bracket later you have a clean, from the crank signal.

    No, on an odd-fire you still won't be able to do ignition control like this, but you will have a much cleaner signal.
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