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Thread: DMC-24: 4 seater DeLorean

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    DMC-24: 4 seater DeLorean

    4 seater Delorean at eurofest

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    (Yes, that's all I can say...I'm happily speechless)

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    Excellent work John, can't wait to see it in person!

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    Im disappointed you took a shortcut and didn't convert it to right hand drive and fit a twin turbo and EFI.
    I hate these half assed conversions......

    PS. You also forgot about the bling custom rims

    Quote Originally Posted by dmcjohn View Post
    Forgot to mention, this car also has power steering, rear anti-roll bar, upgraded brakes, custom stainless dual exhaust system (twin separate mufflers) and a few other changes along the way such as all pipework being routed inside the center tunnel of the frame rather than outside it (brakes, clutch, fuel, coolant). It was also converted from automatic to manual as part of the build process.

    It is running the engine and gearbox from the Renault Alpine GTA - which is a carburetor version of the PRV.

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    Brilliant job, John. I wish I were able to take a look in person. Perhaps some day. Bravo!

    DeLorean status:​ Daily driving my "rolling resto-mod"

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    Fascinating John. Great that you got it finished before Eurofest
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    John, I'm speechless! when I first heard of this project I thought ... "no way!"

    This is a piece of work ... as I suspect you are. Well done!
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    Jack Skeens

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    Respect John!

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    I can only imagine the amount of time and energy that you poured into this project. Well Done!
    Brandon S.

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