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Thread: DMOCO Shift Gate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmyvonviggle View Post
    Be good if we could use something like shrink tubing for electrical wires. If there was one wide enough we could slip over the stick then shrink.
    I have some that is thick enough to go over the shifter, so it definitely exists. It came in a multi-pack of different sizes that I got at Radio Shack, I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DPI JOSH View Post
    We have a version coming out but it is VERY different. The one you are taking about caused an issue of the shifter being metal on metal with the gate piece. We have an insert that extends slightly past the shift gate edge so that when you move the shifter it runs against the plastic instead of the shift gate. These will be released in January after a bit of testing. I will have the first prototypes from stainless works in December.
    Josh, did your SS shifter gate ever get completed??

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    Upper plate yes but I have yet to machine the custom bottom section. On the short list of projects to close out.

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