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Thread: What have you done to your DeLorean today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post

    I’d replace these door seals if they need it, Rich. The big concern is drilling out the rivets so close to the precious torsion bars, so if they’re out, you’ll have more room to work without worrying about knicking them.
    Will do, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by C.Bennett View Post
    Yooo guys! Thanks so much. It was a total shock to be honest. I wrongly assumed that DeLoreans just wouldn't be taken seriously at this awarding level. Boy was I proven wrong. Heck, I would have been happy to get a Judges commendation, but I just didn't expect to win out over a Maserati - especially one that has been invited to The Quail.

    When we were lining up for the awards ceremony, the Esprit got called first and I looked at my wife with glee and shouted - "We got second!". A moment later I could see the black Maserati pulling slowly forward to my left and in that moment I looked out to my fellow DeLorean buddy Mark Woudsma who was taking photos and I mouthed to him "Holy shit, did I just win?". He nodded. I was stunned.

    Again, I've got Ben (Soundkillr at DMCTalk) to thank for taking wonderful care of the car up until I acquired her in 2016. Since then I've been taking Ben's glorious car to the extremes. At this stage, there's only a handful of minor things to improve upon - and I'm especially proud that it's an original car that has never been separated from its frame. It's also been driven and loved. My goal for the car has always been that perfect balance between concours accuracy and a safe drivable car with a few electrical and mechanical updates.

    I call my DeLorean "near-concours" and today I've got a pretty fancy trophy to prove it's certainly up there with the best cars in the world.

    It's a very proud day for this perfectionist.

    Congratulations, what a pleasant surprise you got. You do great work keeping your DMC in 1st class condition. You should be proud.

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    Absolutely amazing well done,!
    I would have thought exactly the same that it wouldn't get the recognition In a prize giving class like that.

    The car looks fantastic delighted for ya and the attention to detail both you and soundkillr over the years put into it
    Be very proud!
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    Adjusted the front coilovers about 2 inches higher, and pulled the passenger side caliper off for a little further trimming (vented rotors..). Now I've gotta pull it all back apart tomorrow to replace a bad wheel bearing!

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    Ran a fuel pump pressure check just to make sure that was not causing my skip under load.

    Primary pressure = 75 PSI
    Control pressure started at 30 PSI and in a few minutes was 49 PSI
    Held rest pressure after 4 hours was still 8 PSI. That is better than I had before which I only held for 3 hours. I guess the new fuel pump with the external check valve is better.

    Next I will put my tail pipe wide band on just to make sure it's holding correct mixture. That does not prove all injectors are good since the lambda just does an average on all six cylinders.
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    LED headlight conversion

    I did this: but without the wire splice to make all 4 headlights come on in low beam mode. Everything looks and acts just like stock, but the headlights are much brighter and now much safer to drive at night! Fast and easy upgrade!


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    Sold it on to the next lucky owner..... 13 years. Longer than I've owned any other car in my life.
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    I ran a tail pipe AFR check (I don't have a CAT) and it is running around 15.5 and jumping around more than expected. So now the question is it misfiring (I don't hear a misfire) or is my internal wideband sensor going bad.

    I may just go back to the stock narrow band sensor. I never run my engine at the richer power setting anyway.
    Dave M vin 03572

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    Yesterday I took the car to surprise an old friend's daughter who is obsessed with DeLoreans. Totally made her day. However.. When I arrived and was waiting on them to get there, I had a "moment" and tried to open my drivers side door and it wouldn't open. Starting to panic a little bit, I realized that the door was still locked after a couple of minutes. Ugh...

    Jesse Baker
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    Not my car, and it didn’t happen today, but I arranged for another local owner to display his DeLorean at an outdoor screening of Back to The Future (my car decided to dump its coolant all over the road recently).

    The car was a huge success with people swarming over it during the pre show activities.

    DMCF rebuild 2008, Stage II, Eibach

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