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Thread: What have you done to your DeLorean today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenny View Post
    2. Left Orlando on the way to Embry Riddle for their New Students Weekend. They put the car in the middle of the campus to draw attention, but, I never made it. I slammed on the brakes and the bushings for the anti sway bar pulled out. Luckily DMC Florida is now in Orlando. Had the car towed there and replaced all the bushings in the front.
    Glad to hear that worked out okay in the end for you. Out of curiosity, were these original bushings on that front sway bar, or had you replaced something there on the front recently and it was the repair work that caused the failure? Partly asking because I bought a front sway bar bushings kit "proactively" but have not yet installed it. It isn't doing anything awful up front so I'm thinking I might just leave it as is and not mess with it.

    Sept. 81, auto, black interior

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    Quote Originally Posted by axh174 View Post
    If you get a chance, take a couple of pics! I always like seeing shots of the original and repaired boards ever since I was in there on 2234.

    Howdy Kevin, ask and you shall receive!

    Length available from harness, where you can work on the Trans Governor
    My new work station
    Before and after circuit boards
    All done, ready for new silicone

    For those of you thinking about rebuilding your Trans circuit board, be sure to remove all the "varnish" sealing the solder joints before attempting to remove any component or wire.

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    Finally installed the matching McIntosh MX406 head unit to go with the amp I installed several years ago. Thanks to some prior prep work I did with the old Pioneer unit the swap went fairly smooth.


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    Learned that cars don't run well with feed and
    return lines reversed at the fuel pump!

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    I needed a little more fresh air in the cockpit. So i test printed a scoop to see if it worked.
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    Did it work?
    Rob Depew
    Tacoma, Wa
    '81 DeLorean 4877 Grey, Auto, 4 wheels
    The Ressurection of 4877......
    Now Accepting Donations to get her back on the road

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    Yea. I forgot i was testing them and got on the freeway. I was tuning my EFI. It was still there. The breeze in the car was much better. Also they have zero infill for testing but held together fine. When i'm done they will be adjustable for air direction in the car.

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    Plasti-dipped my rims today using a color called Matte Satin White Aluminum



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    Drove my car in the pouring rain today. 20% chance of rain my ass...

    Anyways, found a leak from the epoxy holding the fresh air intake to the underbody. So looks like HVAC box removal is in my future.
    VR6 Swap in Progress... Roof Box, Double Din, Custom Instrument Cluster w/Cruise, QA1 Suspension.

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