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Thread: What have you done to your DeLorean today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodint View Post
    Pretty straightforward, hardest part is getting the that huge wrench into that tight space. I wonder if anyone makes a stubby 1 1/4" wrench.
    I used these:

    Every once in a while this wrench set is invaluable. Angle drive was one of those times!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dodint View Post
    ... The complaint on the original was that it bounced, but when hooked to a drill it was fine.
    I've been trying to figure this our forever! When on the drill, it works fine. When installed it bounces. Yellow hub is fine, no slipping. I get tired of buying angle drives to try. Good work getting yours to work!

    I now use a GPS based heads-up speedometer. Love it.
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    Nice, Harbor Freight of course, they have everything. I have a nice set of stubby metric wrenches but they only go up to 22mm. Thanks!

    I never saw the 85mph speedo run as it just came in a box. My guess is the cable was binding at the PO used it as an excuse to swtich to the 170. I switched to a one piece cable and took the lambda counter of the car so the system has changed a lot.

    When I took the lower speedo cable off of the angle drive water started to pour out of the cabling. In fact, that angle drive died while I was driving in 15F weather so it probably froze solid and bound the cable up.

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    I got a 32mm wrench for the angle drive nut. For some reason the 1.25" i got didnt work. If you turn the wheel all the way to the left, you can get a standard wrench in easy. I think i slightly raised my car then pulled up to loosen the nut. You could even use a floor jack for leverage.

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    I have a 32mm fan clutch wrench I might try next time. And yeah, did the floor jack trick to bust it loose.

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    Finished assembling my HVAC box today with new evaporator and heater cores from DMCH. Will install this weekend if I can fix the water leak from the fresh air intake...
    Project Capture.jpg It drips between the metal intake and the fiberglass body.

    Here's a few pics of the heater side of the HVAC box.

    Here's the flaps. Used rustoleum rust reformer and gray enamel as final coat. IMG_20180608_1843390-panorama.jpg

    The awful smell pushed me to pull the box. I just couldn't take it anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by C.Bennett View Post
    I finally found time this holiday weekend to detail my engine bay. 8 hours later, she looks quite lovely.

    It all started with my light switch bracket - possibly the ugliest part on my car. I finally got it off to strip, blast and powder coat it last week. Cardinal Flat Black E300-BK147 is a nice powder match to the original flaky paint if your ever going to refinish yours.

    With the bracket looking so good I started detailing the resistor, the screws, the wires… the list goes on. I didn’t go quite as nuts as you crazy (but amazing) lot that wire-wheel your whole engines. I kept it to visible hand-reachable wipeable areas only.

    Not the most glamorous of cleaning tasks but the effort is definitely worth it if you sweat the details.

    Now go grab your own toothbrush.
    Very nice indeed...

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    Finally got around to installing my louvre brace, needed a flexible dremel bit to drill out the holes. Wish the hardware came painted black as well.

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    New tires. Cha-ching.
    DeLorean status: It's complicated.

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    Roof cage "fix" part one: drilled holes and installed fasteners.

    (Cured neither of the problems I was having with the doors, but managed to render the rear headliner useless in the process: original clip got stuck at tore out of the cardboard. When installing the replacement headliner later, I'll be sure to grease the clip a little bit.)

    Part two (sealing the fasteners with RTV and putting the T panel back on) will come later. It's too hot in the garage to work for more than a couple of hours at a time.
    DeLorean status: It's complicated.

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