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Thread: What have you done to your DeLorean today?

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    This is what I recommend and would use. I use it on my motorcycle front axle which is known to seize in place. It is a excellent product. A little goes a long way. Just don't get it on your hands as it is very hard to get it off.

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    Replaced air filter


    The old filter looks a little different from the new DMC replacement. The old one has the sides blocked off and an open bottom. The new one is open on the sides, but the bottom is covered with a soft white padding, which is glued in place. Considering how dirty the old one was, I expected to feel a slight difference in power with the new one, but it feels exactly the same.

    Is it possible the white pad on the bottom causes a bit too much blockage for incoming air? Has anyone removed theirs and noticed a difference?

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    When It comes time for me to get the airbox back in , I'll get one of them fancy K&N filters since they can be washed and reused.

    I've never seen a filter with a pad on it like that, seems to me it would restrict airflow more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by citizen View Post
    I think drilling them and inserting a zerk fitting would be overkill. Greasing would work, but I thought instead of grease, coat with some of that clear goop stuff used on battery terminals to prevent corrosion, and thus prevent bonding. Just a thought...
    Ok, I'm calling myself out on this one. I think regular wheel bearing grease would be better after all, then "dielectric" stuff I mentioned, mainly for the reason Dave mentioned. But I still think that's all you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich_NYS View Post

    It would be awesome to meet Dana and see his car in person.

    I had a chance to meet Dana this past summer and have him drive my car. He is a top notch fella and knows his stuff. It was a pleasure talking with him and having him help me prioritize things that I want to do to my car. He didn't have his at the time, but I do hope he brings it up someday. 2 DeLoreans here would blow peoples' mind!

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