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Thread: Replacing the Catalytic Convertor

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    Quote Originally Posted by David T View Post
    Like letting R-12 loose and not catching it for example.
    Have you seen how expensive R-12 is these days?

    I'll gladly evacuate R-12 legally and safely for any owner that can get their car to me in Atlanta!


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    Cat stuck on solid after 4 bolts sheared off

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris4099 View Post
    When I replaced my system, the Cat didn't want to come out so easily. Even after snapping all four studs, the Cat did not separate from the cross-over pipe. I ended up having to take a hammer and pound on it for a good 15-20 minutes. Fortunately the exhaust system isn't fragile and you aren't saving the old Cat, so you can hammer on it pretty hard. Once the rust broke loose, the Cat comes right out and you can put the new one in its place!

    Good luck!
    Chris - many thanks for your post. I too a having trouble pulling the cat off after shearing off all 4 flange bolts.
    I was searching for a hidden bracket or something but in every article I read the cat just magically falls out.

    Now I can pound in it without worry.

    Just how did you apply the beating?
    Iím thinking of an air chisel against the cat flange.

    I did have one stud that didnít shear off so I tried threading a nut on it and pounding on that nut using a steel bar but I canít get enough swing on there to hit it very hard.

    I guess another way is to pound on the broken studs because THEY ARE THE REASON THE CAT WONT COME OFF! The studs are rusted tightly in the crossover pipe flange holes! Maybe Iíll use the air chisel (with a small round blunt tip) directly against the broken studs to push them out of the crossover pipe flange holes!

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    Honestly, I can't remember exactly how I did it as it's been about 8 years now. I can say I didn't use any power tools, just a standard hammer. Since it was rust holding it on, I probably just hit it from above and below to break it loose.

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