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Thread: The DeLorean Story- The Car, The People, The Scandal

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    The DeLorean Story- The Car, The People, The Scandal

    Chapter 1 22 April.docxAttached is the first chapter of "Flight of the DeLorean " to be published mid 2012.

    Nick Sutton
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    Great stuff Nick. I am already hypnotized just reading that chapter. As a Dubliner, I remember the whole story very well, and reading your many comments brings back a flood of memories from that time. Looking forward to reading the whole book. Congratulations Nick.


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    Yes, this sounds very interesting. Nick, Thanks for allowing us a preview.

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    Agreed, this sounds fascinating. Can't wait to read the rest!
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    i am definitely intrigued and am looking forward to reading more!
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    I bought a Delorean because I wanted part of that history. I am not a car enthusiast, and I am more interested in the story than the cars specification. I have read many articles and books involving Delorean. The story still amazes me today. I think I have almost everything there is available out the story of the Delorean company.
    I also understand that the Delorean Company has a special impact to those working there. I can imagine it must have been hard to see their future melting away in front of their eyes.
    But every time I read such an article, the moment the word "drugs" pops up, I simply fast forward. I just hate to read that. I understand it is part of the Delorean history. It happened. Framed or not. John was acquitted and back to the story. It has no fundamental value to what happened to the car company itself. This only happened at the very end. But I also understand it shocked the employees of DMC.
    When I watch the documentary “great blunders" I see 2 people at the end giving comment. “What would you do if John Delorean stands in front of you? I will just punch him in the nose"
    Another reaction; “He was the only one coming to give us a job. If he comes back I'll work for him"
    John tried to build his dream car. He failed unfortunately. I wish I could see what happened if he succeeded. But I have great respect to what John (and other great entrepreneurs) did to create companies and employment. The author will write his book the way he experienced it. And I welcome the fact Nick will now share it with us, the general public.
    When I planned to come to Eurofest last year, I honesty have had my doubts if it would be safe to drive the Delorean there. I have been reading so many negative reactions that I feared the car (and its owner) could get hurt when bumping in to people as a reaction to their nightmare. Because that was the feeling I got. I was told not to worry about that, but it did cross my mind. The reality was that the people of Belfast put up their thumbs and were taking pictures and smiling when we drove by. They welcomed us. I was ashamed I actually feared angry people.
    I guess what I am trying to say is that most articles I read I can feel the anger of the author. I hope Nick does not do it this way. It gave me a false look to the real thing. I spoke to some people where actually there, incl Nick . I am honored to know them, they are all great guys.
    I will read you book with great interest, Nick. Thanks for sharing.

    Steering with power

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    Thank you for the comments John.
    Most of the books I have read on the “DeLorean affair” give a good insight into John DeLorean’s early years at General Motors. But because most of the authors had no detailed involvement in the factory either at the beginning or at the end of the venture little has been written of the period from 1978 to 1983 of events that took place at Dunmurry or Lotus. Very few articles or books record the detail about the car’s development or its short life on the production line. And nothing about the employees or residents of the Dunmurry or Twinbrook area who were the people that gained most in the factory’s foundation and suffered most in its closure.
    Or the reasons why the UK Government risked a not insignificant amount of money in an area of the United Kingdom that had been written off by everyone except the military and why the Government of the time took the risk, has never clearly been explained.
    The word difficult would be an understatement in the effort involved in building the DeLorean factory and the car in the two year s that it took us. The blue skies shown in the photographs that record the building of the factory site from the adjacent tower blocks at Seymour Hill are misleading. The period was a dark time for the area in particular and Northern Ireland in general.
    One of the key elements that inspired me to write the book was to set the record right. I was also weary of reading current accounts of the period from journalists that fed of each other’s articles often using the same phrases without any knowledge or understanding of the history. Most were negative. There were many good things to come from the DeLorean experience – I hope that I can share these with you.
    I have tried to make the book balanced – but there are a few villains and not the usual suspects.
    You shouldn’t have worried about the response in Belfast regarding the DeLorean affair the only negatives you’ll hear are from the civil servants of the time and by now these will have retired to pastures new.
    Nick Sutton

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    Nick, I'm really looking forward to reading your book. I worked for Ford Motor Company in an engineering position for 38 years and retired in 2003. Last month the plant I retired from was closed so I went back prior to the closing to see what the atmosphere was like. Even through I was retired for a few years I stll felt very sad seeing a once vibrant manufacturing facility looking dark and gloomy. I can equate with the feelings of the Belfast employees when they learned the DeLorean plant was closing. There is always more to a story than the headlines and your insight is something all of us DeLorean enthusiasts will want to hear.

    Bruce Benson

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    Thank you for posting that first chapter. Please let us know when and where we can Purchase the hardcopy.

    I'm also hoping for a day when when A major film studio does a full motion picture about John Z and the Car. Think TUCKER

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    Thanks for the comments.
    I hope that any future drama reflect the facts of the time and for a short period in the movie -at least - gives some time credence to the magnificent efforts of the workforce.
    A plea to any future Producer of a DeLorean movie - please wait for the book before you write the script.

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