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Thread: The DeLorean Story- The Car, The People, The Scandal

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    Nick Sutton Interview on WABC (1-11-14) on Steve Warner's Dark Weekend

    For those who are interested, Nick was interviewed by Steve Warner for WABC recently and the interview aired this past Saturday, 01/11/14.

    Although the interview link will be up shortly on The DeLorean Story website, a couple of other links will be listed here below as well,
    since the interview was recorded Sound Cloud and some of the Sound Cloud links have been known to change over time. (air date 1.11.14)

    The interview is also available now as a PodCast on iTunes.

    Rich W.
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    I wanted to ask and see what everyone thought about Colin Chapman, I have seen a lot of stories online about his death and how John may have been involved with it in some way. Is there any good articles or books on this particular subject and what does everyone think about it? I personally dont think John would have or could have but Chapman's timming of death seems odd.
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    I just re-watched Car Crash for the first time since reading Nick's book and I have to say, I saw it in a whole new light. I felt like I had a lot more information to fill in the gaps in the documentary, and overall it was a much more complete picture.
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    Damn - that's the problem with printed media, those of us who already have your book miss out on that new content

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    I absolutely loved your book Nick, couldn't put it down. I have since given it to a few others to read and they were engrossed as well. Beautifully done! Thank you.

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    Kindle version of the book

    I hope to release the kindle version early next year.


    The DeLorean Story: The car, the people the scandal.

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    40 years ago tomorrow the first DeLorean staff visited Northern Ireland

    Following a meeting in London on the 12th June 1978 two DeLorean employees arrived in Northern Ireland on Sunday 18th June 1978 in preparation for their meeting with NIDA (Northern Ireland Development Agency). JZD arrived the next day. The meeting with NIDA took place at 100 Belfast Road, Holywood, NIDA's headquarters tucked away from the main roads in a high security area next to the army barracks.. The location is just four miles from my home. Two days later the Heads of Agreement were drawn up offering £41 ( approx. $76 million) weeks later to increase to £54 ( $100 million ). On the 29th June representatives of the Department of Commerce and NIDA visited DeLorean's facilities in the US to undertake due diligence. Frank McCann and Shaun Harte from the DOC and NIDA respectively. The financial package was agreed by a Cabinet Committee and announced on 3rd August 1978.
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    The DeLorean Story: The car, the people the scandal.

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