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Thread: Stupid Delorean Comment Of the Day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peripatetic View Post
    Rereading, I don't know why I phrased it like that.

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    After reading it again and your explanation, now it makes sense

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    Just came back from a Saturday-evening-perfect-weather-to-exercise-the-car drive. The car needed gas, so against my better judgment I pulled into QT, which are nice but way too busy, and this was no exception. Some jackass coming out of the convenience store wanted to come talk to me, but rather than walking over, gets in his old Camry full of dents and backs up to get next to me. I didn't see it coming, because my head was behind the hood, but he was coming in SO close that my wife (who was sitting in the passenger seat) screams out because she thought he was going to hit us. So I look up, and he was backing up along the passenger side with literally about 1 foot between our cars. No one was pumping gas across from me, there was p-l-e-n-t-y of room. So I'm already on extreme edge and not ready to be a "good social ambassador" for the car. What stroke of brilliance does he say? What was so important that he almost hit my car to tell me? "You know you can still buy those?"

    I was like, "yeah, I bought this one. that's how I got it." After he clarified he meant new ones, I gave very short answers and he started to sense I thought he was an oxygen thief, so he finally said "have a nice evening" and drove off. Fucker. I just couldn't be nice to him I was so shaken.

    The comments about "they still make those/you can buy new ones" are 100x worse than "where's the flux capacitor." I'm so sick of it. And when it causes my car to almost get hit, that's the last straw. With driving skills like his, it was *shocking* </sarcasm> that his car was a POS dent collector.
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