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That's good. Kinda Bill Burr-esque. No time for something witty and clever with that kinda guy. Much better just getting to the point.

The bad mouthing always goes up, doesn't it? Like it's always a guy driving some beater POS that finds fault in your car. Never a guy driving some million dollar supercar that comes around to tell you how shitty or underpowered your car is. To me it's like that scene in Saving Private Ryan where Tom Hanks' character explains how gripes always go up, never down. Complain to your superiors, not the guys under your command.

My fear though of letting any of these dirtballs hear exactly what I think of them and their comments is that it is not very hard to track down a DeLorean owner. Zero privacy with these cars nowadays once you add in the social media factor. Just type into Google the city or town name and "DeLorean" and your name and photo comes up in the first few images. I don't need one of these knuckleheads coming back around to do something stupid. 'Cause Googling "rusty beige Corolla" isn't going to let me find him in return.
Exactly, I just wanted to say my piece and get outta there. No sense in trying to argue or correct him about the car, it's not worth it with morons like that.

Yep, it's always the people who drive crap cars that want to criticize yours. Probably because deep down they're jealous and their way of dealing with it is to degrade what you have.

I've had that same thought to, which is why I didn't let it turn into a bigger deal than it was. I could've gotten out of the car and confronted him or said something else, but inflaming the situation like that probably wouldn't have ended well.