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Thread: DMC Dealer Sign, Home Version

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    DMC Dealer Sign, Home Version

    Finally, a sign that can fit in anyone's home developed by DMC Midwest for DeLorean Motor Company!

    Based on the original Dealer Sign, this home version is only 69"x18"x3". The outer frame is black anodized aluminum and the face is translucent with vinyl graphics internally lit using LEDs for low power consumption and low heat. Only 3" thick, the sign is powered by a 12V wall converter with the wire coming from the back which allows for mounting options to meet your need.

    Sign sells for $925USD and ships via FedEx for under $60 to most US locations. International shipping available on request. Expertly packed with special attention to face and corners. AVAILABLE FROM DMC MIDWEST NOW! Soon to be in the online store. Call DMC Midwest for more details 815-459-6439.


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    WOW! That is awesome! Definitely a fan!

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    I want it!!

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    That looks awesome!

    More great stuff from DMCMW
    Mark Dehlinger

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    I think I'm in love...

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    oh my. must... have...

    seriously. i NEED this.
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    Looks great!

    I need a house first!

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    Will you have one on display at DCS?
    eBay selling at it's best I can tell you stock Delorians and quite a bit of slugs so the Turbo is a super nice up-grade.
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    That is great. I have to figure out an excuse why I need this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmyvonviggle View Post
    That is great. I have to figure out an excuse why I need this.
    The best excuse I can come up with is if you had a thousand dollars you'd have otherwise set on fire.

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