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Thread: American Pickers find a Delorean

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    I'm curious what Mike Wolfe's "expert" had to say when photos were sent to him. He was looking under the one he bought so hopefully and frame issues were apparent to him.
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    Overall I thought it was an enjoyable episode. For me, the best part was seeing the genuine excitement Mike and Danielle had about the DeLoreans. Of course the show is scripted and overly produced – that's to be expected. The kind of excitement Mike and Danielle showed can't be faked.

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    Did anybody notice that Mike and Danielle seemed like they were a couple? I've never noticed that before on the show.
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    There was a documentary that showed just how much staging there is! They try to make it look like they "stumble" onto these places but in reality there is a whole advance team that makes it look that way. I don't think they "salt" the finds like they do on other shows like the one where they auction the contents of storage bins (Storage Wars). But they obviously "pre-find" things of interest. At least it keeps Deloreans in the public eye and was generally favorable publicity. As for the "story", you hear them whenever you buy an old car. Hard to believe them but sometimes some of it may have a grain of truth. Don't count on PJ Grady getting the car. Most of the time they drag their stuff back to their store or nearby to have it fixed up. On one episode they found a dealer sign. It went from NJ to their store and back to NJ again! If you were at the DMA Spring Event you saw it!
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    That's a lot of exclamation points there, Mister Mustache.

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    Quote Originally Posted by opethmike View Post
    That's a lot of exclamation points there, Mister Mustache.
    That's because everytime David says something original it's exciting!
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