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Thread: The Restoration of #1768

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    Quote Originally Posted by vwdmc16 View Post
    Measured my Dmc vs volvo metering body, both are 80mm. So no real Difference in the bodies I can tell beside the pipe of agony connection is different.
    Strange, if they are the same then I can only assume it's for emissions requirements to allow the Volvo to be sold in the US.

    Here is a top down shot of a Volvo 760 metering unit from a European Volvo 760 (left) next to a DMC metering unit (right). You can see that the circular disc is smaller and the housing slightly different on the DMC unit.
    Volvo vs DMC metering unit.jpg
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    I bet you are 100% right on that, Id bet there is only one US Epa approved size for volvo's Kjet on the b28F, hell I wonder if its the same part number from the B27F from the beginning of the PRVs imported in the US

    But then its strange there are other minor emission things that differ on DMC vs Volvo B28Fs.

    But hey, there were other K jet cars with simular designs, Years ago I found a late 80's Mercedes Ket metering unit and upper manifold at a local junkyard as an idea to cheaply hop up my PRV until I build a proper engine for my car.(long story short: it has an 88 mm air flap hole, bolts right on, superior design and quality) I wanted the try the individual cylinder adjustable ports this thing had to try and really dial in the cylinder fuel balance but decided not to as I realized how much dyno time that may take to even get running okay if its flow rates and ramps are way off/wrong. I also liked the improved CO adjustment access port, it wasnt plugged up and a pain to open up/seal but had a well made spring loaded head that sealed the air in the unit from vacuum leaks and was easy to use, a brilliant improvement for those two reasons BUT I never measured the main air inlet hole diameter as it never occurred to me until a few weeks ago that it might be bigger. Sadly I dont have the acutal internals for that hosing anymore, I kept the metering head and the stripped down body. Now im kicking myself for stripping it down that much and tossing the inards, this would have been a grear upgrade, even the air filter O-ring was the same size so the DMC airfilter works too! time to look out for another 1989-ish Mercedes 300? I forgot what model that it was.

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    Ive been pecking away at more smaller projects on the car to make it better, still feeling kinda down about the car as a whole but feeling feeling hopeful that improving a few key areas will make it much more enjoyable.

    Finally finished rebuilding the UCAs with new Urethane bushings from DeloreanGo, some hand made boxing plates and finishing it off with black powdercoating.

    one finished, one to go:

    Fully sandblasted and old bushings removed.

    Original, bushings were looking quite sad, not fully failed but not trustworthy, I believe these are the last of the original suspension bushings.

    UCA Reinforcement plates fitted and TIG welded up.

    After another quick sandblasting and cleaning, the arms were powdercoated semi gloss black. Now the new bushings pressed in with sockets and a quick tool I made from a section of 1.5" tubing cut in half to support the thin sheetmetal where the bushing goes.

    looking good and stronger than ever.

    The car has crossed the 70k mile mark, getting close to doubling the car's mileage since I purchased it in April 2009 with 36,800 miles.

    The next critical preventative repair to do was the fuel pump, still running a OEM style pump that was renewed in 2001 by the PO. this pump has served me well be has been getting very loud on long drives and hot days. Time to upgrade while im in there. Installed a 2002 Chevy Tahoe fuel pump, went with a genuine Ac Delco unit which is a bit more expensive at $160 vs the knock off ones that can be had for as little as $50. Total cost for this fuel pump update was just over $300, which is a bit cheaper than the DMCH kit, I elected to keep using my OEM fuel level sender since it works quite well still.

    The new parts: ended up returning a few of these as some of the fitting were too bulky and the V band wasnt the right size, thankfully the correct parts were actually cheaper.

    Out with the old, I really want to repaint my trunk now, that should help me feel better about the car too.

    First step, cut off this small alignment tab, don't need it here, a hacksaw makes good work of it.

    Next a test fit, found my V band was too small at this point, also the fuel pressure sensor would have to go, installed a 6mm solid metal pin into the sensor's gasket with some fuel proof RTV to seal it up.

    With the correct clamp and the fuel hoses installed with a nice Alcohol proof check valve installed. Fits in nicely.

    Unfortunately no matter how I oriented the pump or pushed it down I could not get the pump cover to sit flush, looks like some fiberglass modifications are coming to this part too. Other than that I was very pleased with how the pump works, its practically silent.

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    Nice !

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    Those upper control arms look great! Any noticeable change in feel with the replacement bushings/strengthening?
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    Looking good
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