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Thread: The Restoration of #1768

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    Hey guys,

    I decided to get a new brake booster as I felt my car's brake performance had declined over the last few months and pedal effort was higher than I remember before. After a quick test of driving around the block, then disconnecting and plugging the vacuum supply to the brake booster before another lap around the block; it was very easy to tel that my brake assist from the booster was pretty much gone. So a few days later a new booster arrived from DPI:

    Wasn't fun to install but not the worst job, I was able to get the old out and the new in without opening the hydraulic circuits, just gently pulling the master cylinder to the side. Impressions: The brakes were much more powerful again. Far less effort required, however the first 25% of brake application feels more sensitive than the original booster, not in a bad way but it something to get used to. I was able to compare it side by side with an original booster and the DPI does feel lighter to the touch.

    Continuing with brakes, Ive been trying a new Mazda Miata configuration: 2001+ 1.8 Sport brakes which I now feel is superior to the regular 1.8 miata brakes.

    larger calipers which still bolt onto the Shattenkirk brackets.

    270mm rotors, are a little bigger than the regular 1.8 and obviously bigger and vented over stock.

    1.8 vs 1.8 Sport:

    Being a larger set up it will not fit in a 14" wheel and its actually kind of tight in a DMC 15" wheel, a tight group of fitting was needed to clear. So some more development required but im quite happy with the performance of this caliper. For those of you wondering about the Stoptech kit I had, Im still going to use it, but im waiting to get a new custom sized caliper set so I can go four wheel StopTech.

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    Another late night experiment to improve the feel of my car on the road, increasing front Caster. I work on BMWs all day and whenever I align them I see how much Caster the front suspension has compared to other makes, such as a Delorean, or atleast my Delorean that only had 2.7 degrees of caster where some Bmws have 9 degrees. Caster is not adjustable stock so to allow this I could have to move the upper control arm rearward in relation to the lower arm.

    luckily there is about 10mm of material to remove on the the frame's shock tower, by adding a spacer to the rear side the upper arm moved in relation to the frame and lower arm, adding caster.

    Driver side:

    Shims for the test alignment, a full solid spacer will be made when I get the numbers I want.

    Moving the Upper control arms rearward 9mm gained me 2.8 degrees to a total of 5.5 caster. Need to tune that rear tow a bit more.

    No regrets with that modification, it really helped the way the car tracks down the freeway at high speed. Steering feels extra planted and centered, low speed steering effort has increase a little but not enough to complain about. The increased caster, front LCA braces and the wider 15" wheels have changed the front end characteristics quite alot over stock, and for the better in my opinion.

    After than I received some tired old original LCAs from a friend and decided to clean them up, box them, powdercoat, then install new bushings and balljoints. always good to have spares.

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    Looking good
    Rob Depew
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