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Thread: Melted A/C mode switch!

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    Melted A/C mode switch!

    Hi gentlemen!

    I have a very special problem with the mode switch. Let me try explain the issue an please forgive me my poor english.

    That's my mode switch, the switch works proper but the outside circuit path are getting hot and burns into the plastic.

    The connections are right,well?

    All A/C modes works fine also the blower motor.

    But that's scary

    1. Switch position OFF, MAX or DEFROST everything works fine and the switch is cold
    2. All other positions like NORM, VENT, Etc. the switch getting hot and the outer copper circuit melts into the plastic.

    Any ideas what the problem is?

    Many thanks for yor support!

    Christian & VIN 3921
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    Does it get hot with the circulation fan switched off? The switch powers that fan in speeds 1 and 2. It also powers the AC compressor clutch and some relays.
    Dave M vin 03572

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    Hi Bitsyncmaster,

    i disconnect the blower motor this morning and the switch was cold and the A/C click's.


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