So it's hard to believe that it has been 8 years since I had this Fascia installed. I've still been very happy with it. So from the beginning I've been dreading having to replace the headlights. Eight years ago I installed a pair of Silverstar low beam headlights. I've heard many anecdotes that they don't last as long as traditional sealed beams. Well, the driver-side headlight finally burned out. I'd say 8 years is a pretty good service life. Anyhow I wasn't looking forward to removing the fascia to replace the headlights. I began accessing the situation and decided to remove the high beams since those screws were much easier to get to. As it turns out, the body shop had the hindsight to not install the top screws on the headlight bezel. This saved the day as I was able to move the bezel out of the way while still being attached to the outside mounting tab. With the high beam out of the way, the low beam lamp came out. I even bent down the top mount tabs on the bezel so they clear the fascia. The headlights are perfectly secure only using 2 out of the 4 screws. So this should be the preferred method if you have the fiberglass fascia. I truly lucked out.