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Thread: Delorean in Kansas City with 351 and Pantera trans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David T View Post
    After some research Lotus did design the LT5 which influenced the design of the LS1 by GM. Lotus did NOT design the LS1. Lotus then used their experience designing the LT5 and GM's design of their engine management to create their V8 from Lotus's basic design of their 4 cylinder. That way they were able to reuse much of their tooling from their 4 cyl.
    I'll take that as a no.
    Del Silveira
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    Quote Originally Posted by delo2.8 View Post
    I'll take that as a no.
    Dave's quotations are not too terribly precise. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMCMW Dave View Post
    That car was built up in Schaumburg IL. The guys who did the work are still around (not in that business) and we had some fun discussions about it last year.
    Interesting, as my DeLorean was originally purchased at Shepard as well - so I'm wondering if the conversion to the early 80's 350 sec was done by these guys as well?

    Do you have any contact info for them?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    There is a gentleman on here with a gen 1 sbc in his car, engine would be similar weight. Maybe he can comment on how it drives.

    However there is a reason why I would never consider putting in an iron block LS, only aluminum. As far as the aluminum block LS goes, the car drives fine, the car is still more of a handful due to the power not the weight! I think an aluminum block LS is about 450lbs.

    This is a very cool swap though. The first V8 delorean!
    I think you're referring to me, as mine has an early 80's (81 or 82 possibly) Chevy 350 small block, which was done when the original owner had it - and he's long gone so I can't find any info on the car, being the 3rd owner. All I know is his name and where he bought it, thanks to the DeLorean Museum certificate I bought last year.

    As far as weight, it seems fine in wet and dry weather - but then I'm super conscious of when driving in wet weather to accelerate gently out of curves, and even in dry conditions like circular on-ramps to the freeway. The car accelerates beautifully, sounds awesome, and I can get up to speed on our freeways (speed limit is 65 or 70 depending, but everyone does at least 80) in a matter of seconds - but prefer to drive at a leisurely 70-ish, which affords me about 21 mpg running with an Edelbrock 460 carb.

    I've never floored it from standing still in the almost two years I've had it, but I would imagine the original owner as well as second owner did as well just to show off. I've always eased into it and it still takes off with enough oomph. I'm trying not to do any damage to the trans - and every time I've checked underneath, aside from a leaky throw-out bearing seal, it's dry elsewhere and the CV boots look good.

    As far as braking, it stops well and as expected for a 30 some odd year old car without anti-lock brakes. I can go from 60 to 0 in about 20 feet - maybe less but never really measured - and when I've had to stop short due to some dork in front of me suddenly deciding they want to turn into THAT driveway without signaling (which seems to be an epidemic here), the DeLorean has done nicely.

    This is my 2nd rear engined car - the first being a 1963 23 Window VW bus, though that was a much lighter engine. However what's funny is when I drive this, I feel more in sync and in tune with it then when I drive a more modern car.

    What's strange though is how often I see front engined, front wheel drive cars facing the opposite direction OFTEN on the side of the road or freeways these days.I have to always think "What the heck did they do to get turned around like that?"

    So, basically, my car with the bigger engine and more weight in the back seems pretty happy, and it handles amazingly.

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    The car is still there,

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph View Post
    Hello, about a year ago I met an elderly man here in KC with an amazing car. I posted pics of it on here back then.. are the pics still on this website somewhere? This special D has quite a history, from being commissioned by a wealthy businessman to being owned by a famous country western singer, it even spent some time in the Country Music Hall of Fame. I stop by and start it up for him from time to time (the clutch is to heavy for him) the odometer shows 9k original miles. When I first met him he was playing around with the idea of selling it but his $ was just too much. Now his health is failing and he is ready to let it go at a reasonable price. I will try to find the pics I have and post them. Anyone interested in getting in contact with him let me know. I might post it to Ebay in a week or so for him. BTW, this thing is a beast! Thanks, Joe.
    It's still there in the nondescript building off Truman and 435, It shares space with 3 custom painted Rolls Royce's once owned by the cult leader Rajneesh from the 70's. the car was once owned by country singer Little Jimmy Dickens and had sat for a brief time in the country music hall of fame. The old guy has a stack of photos that go with the car from new to now. the car is started and driven around the block on a regular basis. (or at least was several years ago) the older gentleman has some pretty interesting cars including an old Willie Nelson tour bus just rotting away behind his building. the old guy told me he was a county music tour manager back in the day. At $80k it probably won't sell until after he passes. I've personally started it and drove it around the block for him. I'TS A BEAST!! And still smell new inside. I'm pretty sure this his number 816-452-5412 he now sells used fleet vans. 7101 E. Truman rd. K.C.MO. Good luck! He's not a negotiator!

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