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Thread: Mount Rainier Drive, 25 JUN 2011

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    Exclamation Mount Rainier Drive, 25 JUN 2011

    The next official PNDC group drive will soon be upon us.

    This time, PNDC will be taking our cars to see the beautiful and scenic Mt. Rainier National Park. This Saturday, June 25 drive will be approximately 160 miles starting in Enumclaw, and after doing a complete circle around the mountain, end right back
    in Enumclaw.

    The starting and ending location for this drive will be at the QFC, located at the intersection of 1350 Garrett St, Enumclaw, WA 98022. We will travel south to Eatonville,
    east from Eatonville to Paradise, North from Paradise to Greenwater, and finally Greenwater back to Paradise. Some of this route is dependent on Chinkook
    pass opening up for the season. Start time for the drive will be 9 a.m. As Mt. Rainier is a federal park, there is a $15 dollar per vehicle and $5 per passenger
    fee to visit the park. To offset some of the cost, and due to lack of affordable restaurants, the mid-drive lunch will be a group picnic. So please pack your lunches, and we will find a sunny spot with a great view to enjoy our meal.
    As always make sure you pre-flight your vehicle prior to the drive, as this will
    be another long one.

    Please R.S.V.P. to Joshua Daily by email at gamma1952000@, PM, or reply to this post topic.
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    I would love to be there with you guys. However, it's a bit too much driving for me coming from Portland. I even mapped it out and assuming I joined the group at the southern part of the mountain, it's still 300 boring freeway miles of driving for me and only 100 with the group.

    Be sure to take plenty of pics for me!

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    Sorry to hear you cant make it. If you change your mind, please let me know as we would love to have you.

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    RSVP not required

    For anybody who may still be thinking about attending, feel free to attend regardless of RSVP we won't turn you away.

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