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Thread: LED Window Switches - DMC Midwest

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    LED Window Switches - DMC Midwest

    So I recently had my window motors replaced by DMC Midwest. No longer have the loud struggling old motors, the new ones are whisper quiet and very smooth. While upgrading those, I figured it would be nice to upgrade the switches to the LED backlit ones. So far I'm very happy with them. It brings a certain modern element to the car and the LED color matches perfectly to the rest of the green lighting in the cockpit.

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    That's on my to do list. The paint is starting to wear off my switches anyway.

    PS: I always enjoy seeing the original Craig unit still in use. It just looks like it belongs there.

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    I'll just add to what Tamir said about them being a nice upgrade. I did my switches only and did not change anything about the motors. At times in the past years, the windows wouldn't always go up or down on demand or would hesitate, or maybe you would have to press the button a few times to make it go. After I put the new switches in, my windows go up and down exactly when I need them too. So in my case, it was more to do with the switches being faulty than the motors. And a super easy install to put the pair in to find out. I recommend them.

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    Yup, these are a fantastic upgrade! It is well worth the money. Whats really great about them is that the LED function is optional. You ever get tired of it, take the little metal clip out and presto, no more light. I hadn't realized how far gone my switches were until I installed these.

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    Great pics. Thanks for posting. I had them installed by DMCF just on a hunch that they would look good. I wonder what the incandescent switches look like.
    Michael Todd
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    That's an easy upgrade I'd to do someday

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    Me likely.

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    I could do with these, mine are always misbehaving.

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    Is it me or do these LED switches get rather warm?
    Michael Todd
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    Quote Originally Posted by cybercusp View Post
    Is it me or do these LED switches get rather warm?
    Each switch draws 1.7 ma of current for the LEDs. You will not feel any heat from that current. Now with the original incandescent bulbs drawing 43 ma at 13.5 volts you will feel heat. If your driving in the sun, the switches get warm even with no lights. My car has them wired to the light circuit so mine are only on with the car lights on.
    Dave M vin 03572

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