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Thread: DeLorasaurus Rex - the Pre-Historic Era (photos)

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    D Rex

    Wow! That was in horrible shape, before you got it. You definitely made it better.

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    The Transport - Texas to Illinois

    January 1, 2002...the DeLorean 4x4 arrives in Illinois. It was a cold, dry day.

    I guess this is technically the first set of "owner" photos of the DeLorean 4x4,
    as it nears the end of it's transport from Round Rock, TX to near Chicago, IL.

    A huge thanks to Fred Geerdink (Master DeLorean Transporter) who did the
    initial transport of the DeLorean 4x4 with his Jeep Cherokee and his trailer.

    Lot's of stories about the "pick-up" of the DeLorean 4x4, including having to
    make a trip to the junkyard to get some smaller front tires, to get it onto the
    trailer (the PO - Tammy's measurements were off by a lot), so I now own a
    pair of old 6" wide, 6-bolt aluminum wheels that were needed back then.

    The attached photos are the first views of the DeLorean 4x4 by me, in person,
    at a Truck Stop (at Route 30?), just South of Chicago, near the transport end.
    I met Fred at the Truck Stop, looked it over, took a few photos, and led Fred
    and the DeLorean 4x4 over to Godmudders Custom Truck Shop in Alsip, IL.

    Note the frost on the windshield. It is hard to tell, but the radiator cap has
    already "popped off", since the fluid in the radiator (mostly water) had frozen.

    My favorite photo of the group was the "artistic" view photo that I took with
    the Truck Stop sign positioned right over the DeLorean 4x4.




    Rich W.
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