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Thread: DeLorean Owner's Directory

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    Owners Helping Owners

    The thread here was closed, but I still felt impelled to comment on a post therein, so here goes...

    DMCTalk-image1_2017-08-29.jpg (posted today, 8/29/2017, click image to enlarge)

    This is a great case-in-point for joining the DOD, and printing a copy of it and taking it with you on long trips in your DeLorean, in case you have mechanical problems along the way.


    One of the stated purposes of the directory is to list contact information of those owners who are willing and able to help other owners when on cross country trips. The DOD specifically indicates which owners have agreed ahead of time to help another owner in need, whether it is providing tools, garage space, tech know-how, or just support over the phone.

    There are currently approximately 778 active entries, each with annually verified email addresses (and optionally provided telephone numbers), with another 148 inactive, and another few pending. When signing up, you determine and indicate your contact preferences. It's entirely voluntary, and your participation may help someone that gets in trouble along the way (that person may be you).

    The primary perspective of the DOD is the United States, but also includes a fair number of Canadian and European entries. The directory itself is published once or twice per year, depending on how many changes come in.

    Thanks to those who have already joined. If you haven't yet, consider joining today.

    Thomas Kidd

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