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Thread: GOOD/POSITIVE DeLorean stories

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    That's an awesome story!

    I had something similar happen to me where I interviewed for a job, and they remembered me because of the car and hired me. Later on I got a promotion and was told that it was due to my car. If I could manage keeping a DeLorean on the road as my only car and never missed work because of it, I was responsible and had enough project management skills to handle the job. I had another coworker at the time who I didn't quite get along with, but we started talking because of the car. Because of that friendship, I ended up meeting someone else who introduced me to my wife.

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    I drove my Delorean to every job interview I had hoping to get that lucky lol. My mom's husband said that he would always walk people to their car to see what condition and how clean it was. No one ever did see it though.

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    Personally, I love the BTTF references - cocaine jokes I'll always play dumb to just because when people think they're being funny I'd rather not give them the time of day and validate their stupidity. But every time I have the car out - either just me and it in plain clothes, or doing a Doc Brown gig, it always brings smiles to people's faces and they live learning more about the car. And when I let them take a pic inside that just totally makes their and my day. And I get to meet some pretty neat people too.

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    Today I got new insurance for the Millenium Falcon. The insurance guy was gushing over the car saying putting together a plan for a DeLorean was like a dream come true for him. He's a third generation insurance agent and a huge fan of Back to the Future. He took pictures with a point and shoot for the records and then pictures with his phone for his wife. He loved Bob Gale's autograph. After all of the insurance was done and signed and active I offered to give him a spin in the car and he was ecstatic.

    Later, according to him, he went with some friends to marathon Harry Potter. He couldn't wait to brag about his ride.

    On an extra bonus side: Today is the one year anniversary of me buying the DeLorean! Exuberance!
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    I realized that yesterday was my ninth DeLoreanniversary. I can't wait for year ten.
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    The best thing about owning a DeLorean was today. My wife and I took 5609 out for a Sunday drive when we stopped by one of the first Pals restaurants (#2) for a late lunch. A little after we sat down to eat, a couple and their son came up and were looking at the car. The kid was mesmerized. His dad told me they were at a Burger King eating(I assume in the car) when I drove by and the boy was so excited they decided to finish their lunch and follow me (a good 5 or so miles). I immediately remotely opened my door and told them to take all the pics they wanted. They couldn't believe I invited them to sit in it. My wife went over and gave him one of the Hot Wheels Deloreans I keep in the back just for these occasions.
    I tried to take a pic from our table but all I could see was his cap His parents were just behind the yellow column taking his picture.
    I wish I could have got one with him smiling as it was the look of pure excitement and happiness. His dad said they went to the Huey Lewis concert we recently had here just because his son loved the movies so much he wanted to see the band in person. Oh well, that was the highlight of my day. It's such a privilege to share this car with the world, just like some kind elderly man did with me many many years ago. This kid joins the ranks of probably 100 or more that have sit in my car to have their pic taken. I missed a opportunity a long time ago to document all those times with pics and maybe at the end of my tenure of 5609, I would have made a nice wall collage to keep.

    PS: on a side note if you ever find yourself in northeast TN. Southwest VA. part of the country, a stop by Pals is a must. The owner met Ray Kroc at a convention and started the chain in 1956 based on what he learned. Pals is a mainstay around these parts and without a doubt one of the quickest drive-thru's I have ever been to, but if you want to sit down and eat at Pals you must go to Kingsport and eat at store #1 or store #2. Every other store is drive thru only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    The best thing about owning a DeLorean was today. ...[snip].
    Good story Michael. You are a great ambassador, and actions like this is what will ignite future generations to preserve our cars, once we give them up.


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    For the short period of time I've had my Delorean on the road I've had many instances of stopping traffic. Not sure if that is good or bad.

    Upon a friend of mine finding out that I had a Delorean, he had asked to bring his friend over who was a Delorean fanatic, but had never seen one in person. We surprised his friend by showing him and taking him for a ride. His reaction was priceless to put it lightly, I'm not going to quote what he said when I opened the garage door.

    I've never seen a car spark so many conversations and have so many questions asked about it. Its definitely worth having though, to see the thumbs up and smiles on people's faces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    My wife went over and gave him one of the Hot Wheels Deloreans I keep in the back just for these occasions.
    That's a very good idea, the kids must be very happy with one of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domi View Post
    That's a very good idea, the kids must be very happy with one of them
    I haven't been able to do this for a couple of seasons because I can't seem to find Hot Wheels DeLoreans for sale anywhere anymore. I used up all the extra ones I had bought and don't have anymore to give out at shows. Are they not producing them anymore? Or am I just not looking in the right places? The last time I was in either Toys R Us or a Wal-Mart looking for Hot Wheels, I did notice that the section for the simple, $1 kind of cars got a lot smaller and there was a lot of other sections for HW cars that were a fancier line. And $5 or more as well. Did the "regular edition" style cars lose their appeal or something?

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