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    Is there a howto for bringing a car out of storage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob_In_Houston View Post
    Is there a howto for bringing a car out of storage?
    I assume you mean "sitting" more so than stored?

    If you stored it yourself (which I can see isn't what you asked, as your VIN shows as "soon"), then you basically unstore it by reversing all the things you did when you put it away.

    (put correct amount of air in the tires, take any steel wool out of exhaust tips, remove any moth balls from underneath or Bounce sheets from inside, put your roadside emergency stuff back in the trunk, double check your registration and insurance documents are up to date and in the glovebox, inspect fuse and relay areas for unwanted guests or general condition, check air filter, coolant level, brake fluid level, check/change oil, check/change ATF and/or final drive oil, lube angle drive, lube door seals and hinges, yada, yada, yada.

    If you are getting a car out of "storage", then you just need to check all the basics, like I mentioned.

    If the car is new to you AND it is coming out of "storage" over a time frame that was longer than intended, you'll need to check more than just the basics.

    In addition to the basics, go through and check or confirm condition and operation of every feature and system on the car.

    Brakes being the most important. Along with any other fluid system on the car. Inspect your fuse and relay areas and also take every fuse and relay out and inspect closer, reinsert and confirm connections are good and replace anything bad or old enough to show wear and tear.

    If the car sat with old fuel in the tank, even if it is just a little in the bottom of the tank, it's likely foul by now and if it is also throughout the system down to the engine and injectors, you'll need to do some disassembly and cleaning to get things working well.

    I could go on a lot more, but I won't because you get to do something first:

    How long has the car sat in storage? and what do you know of its current condition?

    We could rhyme off every last thing you might need, but that's a waste of time until you let us know what shape your car is in. Capiche?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob_In_Houston View Post
    Is there a howto for bringing a car out of storage?
    1 year - 5 years - 10 years - decades? Big difference.
    Dave S
    DMC Midwest - retired but helping

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfloyd View Post
    Is there a "How to" somewhere for replacing the exterior door handles?
    Yes. DeLorean Workshop Manual, pg. P:02:10

    DMCH offers the manual, order Part#: P3113096
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    How about 'how to put the interior back together'

    Oh boy !

    LOL. :

    More of a good than an actual request. Please don't take offense.

    I have to take my seats out and start from square one so it would be enormous to write out Im sure.
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    Question EL Wire fasteners?

    Hey all,

    I've always liked EL Wire (, and have thought of doing a few fun accents on 10515. Whether inside or outside, I'm not sure yet - but the bigger issue is - how to attach it to the DeLorean.

    Obviously tape will look terrible, and I don't think 'earthquake' putty will look good or last either.

    Do YOU have EXPERIENCE putting EL wire in/on your DeLorean? If so, how did you do it?

    Dave Tavres | | #10515 | Orange, CA | | Southern California | |

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    How To Add Photos

    I am ready to post a For Sale add on this site. I have lots of photos on my iPad which I would like to post as well as a brief video. Can someone give me a tutorial on posting photos to my add? When I email photos on my iPad usually five photos are all that I can send at once and I would like to post more than five photos with my add. Any advice would be appreciated.



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