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    Brake Job

    Is there a how to do a "brake job". I am mainly interested if there are any special tools required to remove the calipers and rotors, or do the just slip off after you remove the calipers. I'd like to do this on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon because it's my only car right now.

    Also any other little tidbits of advice while doing the D's brakes would be nice too.
    Chris Piazza
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    how-to recover seats?

    On the .com site, there was a series of page scans from "Gullwing" magazine, showing a very comprehensive how-to on reskinning the seats. The photos were great, and the write up gave a lot of helpful hints and tips (zip ties, who knew?) They had been posted by user "DeCobra". Unfortunately I did not have them saved to any of my computers before the site went down, and a search of got me to the thread, but not the scans. Does anyone have them, or is "DeCobra" out there and willing to repost them?

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    does anybody (perhaps the author) have this with pictures?


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    Rebuilding brake calipers?

    I'm getting ready to rebuild my brake calipers (front and rear). It seems pretty straightforward, but there must be tips, tricks and warnings...

    Also, what is the minimum thickness for front and rear rotors?

    Advice appreciated.


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    The minimum thickness requirement is stamped onto the discs, so when you take it to the shop to have them turned you don't have to worry about looking up the D in the shop computer.

    3.0L, automatic, carbureted

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    My VIN:    03238 Grey & Black Hybrid - Auto - work in progress Former owner 10902 - Universal 93 Raffle Car

    Thanks man...

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    Interior Door Handle Removal

    My driver's side interior door/grab handle is loose. I'm just wondering how exactly it is attached so I can get in there and see what the problem is. I'd just like recommended tools, configuration, that kinda thing. Pictures would be great if possible. Thanks guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fox2506 View Post
    I'm about to rebuild my brake calipers. Would a guide be necessary, or might it be pretty straight forward? Not worried about getting them apart, but what's inside.
    Rebuild Your Brake Calipers


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    Quote Originally Posted by Renee_1632 View Post
    Just wondering again if there's a how to remove binnacle/glass/cover so I can replace an indicator light. Thanks. Pictures would be a welcome bonus.
    Me too please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff View Post
    Me too please.
    I have an issue of "DeLoreans" with a binnacle removal tech article.

    I'll scan it later today.

    Here, somewhere.

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