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Thread: Recommended Mechanics in ATL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dangermouse View Post

    I'm told that the accumulator can be reached through the access panel under the ashtray, though I have never done that.
    No, it must be done from underneath. You can see one fitting from above.
    Dave S
    DMC Midwest - retired but helping

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    Mechanic in Atlanta.

    Guys, Gals, I'm new to this form, yet I recently had a fuel system and cooling issue, and had Scott Delong's Auto Service on Post Oak Trit Rd. 770-509-0222 work on my '81. If you look at their Facebook page, you'll see my car. I mostly delt with Scott at first, then mostly his very capable son and partner, Ryan They did a fantastic job. They could have totally gouged me (I told them it was one or both fuel pumps) but they found the root cause of the fuel system issue ... A small leak, causing loss of pressure, a 6 inch hose and 2 clamps fixed it. They also had to completely flush the cooling system ... They let it run idle for a while, then reflushed the entire system again to ensure no air pockets. The young, very talented mechanics were all quite enthuasticastic to have it in the shop and took very special care of the car. Tell them Jeff Green sent you. You will be impressed, and the price was less then 1/2 of what I expected ... With towing, and yes, they sent a high end flat bed to pick it up. You will not have to worry about the care they will give your DMC ... Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagreen View Post
    (I told them it was one or both fuel pumps)
    - Chris


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    I was wondering about that too
    VIN 2743, B/A, Frame 2227, engine 2320

    I don't always drive cars, but when I do, I prefer DeLoreans

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    Once I get back from Utah for the winter I will be able to come down to work on ATL Deloreans. I have finished restoring the second Delorean except for painting the facias and possibly lowering it. so I will try to bring that one to a spring/summer tech session.

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    I spoke with a guy named Jim at Theo Automotive in Peachtree City. He said he has almost 30 years of Volvo mechanic experience and has worked on many Deloreans over the years and he is quite familiar with the PRV engine. Anyway, it sounds promising.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris3991 View Post
    ...Jim at Theo Automotive in Peachtree City...has worked on many Deloreans over the years...
    And two of them were mine! Jim Little used to be with AllSpeed Auto Works nearby, and he has done minor work on both of my cars over the years. I have not visited him at Theo's yet, but I would not hesitate to do so. He is the most DMC-friendly mechanic I have found in my area, and it doesn't hurt that he is only 3 miles from my house.

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    I work at tires plus in austell and live off exit 44 on i20. I can pretty much do any kind of work you need done. You can call me if you like203-209-9526.
    Matt parker

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    Delorean mechanic

    Quote Originally Posted by DL4567 View Post
    I can recommend a good general mechanic in Suwanee. I've had things like wheel bearings, balancing, and A/C charging done on my DeLorean there and they are very careful and do good work. It's a small shop owned and run by 2 guys, and they do all the work themselves. I know Suwanee is far from you, so let me know if you're interested.

    Whatever you do, don't take it to American Resto Mods in Buford.
    I had the front rotors and bearings replaced by NOR-WEST in Suwanee. Did a good job and took care of my car.
    Good so Far!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DELOR1 View Post
    I had the front rotors and bearings replaced by NOR-WEST in Suwanee. Did a good job and took care of my car.
    Good so Far!!!!!!
    Glad to hear they treated you well.
    Derek L
    VIN 5302

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