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Thread: Sebastian / Vero Beach area?

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    Sebastian / Vero Beach area?


    I had posted on the old dmctalk about being in Sebastian for a few weeks this summer in case anyone wants to meet up some evening?! Unfortunately I can't remember who it was that replied.

    Anyone living in the Sebastian/Vero Beach area interested in a beer some night?! I'm there from July 8th.

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    Crap, you're gonna miss the space shuttle launch by just a few hours. Sort of hoping for a harmless bad weather delay for you to catch up with it the next day, LOL

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    Doing a raindance for you as I type this in hopes of getting it postponed by 24 hrs.

    Feel free to jump in the ol' rental car and come up to our SEDOC tech session in Atlanta on the 16th. Just a short 10 hour trip.
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