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Thread: LED door and side marker lights

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    Just wow.

    I bought these when they were restocked and then I procrastinated like my life depended on it. Then I remembered the con was this week so I installed them.

    They're brighter, more colorful, and the coolest part is the first third of the door opening at night. It lights up the asphalt in a really impressive bright swoosh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomcio View Post
    A set of six LED door lights is $80 with FREE worldwide shipping.
    Hi Tomcio,

    Will you have these back in stock anytime soon? OR, if you aren't going to make more, is there a parts list to build my own?

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    Installed a set of your door lights today, I love them! I got them last night as a Christmas present from my mom, apparently she bought the last set. She said your customer service was impeccable, very responsive to her emails.

    Here are some install pictures and before/after shots.

    The box, very nice presentation:

    Red light, before (traditional LED) and after (Tomcio LEDs):

    The diffusers were sold out, so I used lighting gels, commonly used for photography and stage lighting, to make my own by cutting squares and taping them in my lenses:

    No gel:

    With gel:

    Here are the amber lights before and after:

    Great product! Very happy!
    David Proehl

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    My son and I installed my Christmas present for the wife last night! I love the wide stripe banner and goes great with the body wide stripe!

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