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Thread: Well... I'm here!! :D

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    Cool Well... I'm here!! :D

    Hello all! You may or may not know me. My name is Nick and I've got the DeLorean with the LS1 engine in it.

    Over the last 4 years or so I've had my car to and from Florida several times. I attended the Celebration car show in 2010, DCS in 2012, and have lived here off and on since 2008. In the past this was always temporary and I'd later end up back in Cincinnati, OH.

    I recently got my Masters in Mechanical Engineering and then accepted a job as a Mechanical Engineer for Walt Disney World working specifically on their rides and attractions.

    Originally I wasn't planning on having my car down here until much later in the summer, however; last weekend I had to fly back to Ohio unexpectedly for Cliff Schmucker's funeral. Instead of waiting until later in the summer like I had planned, I decided to get a one way ticket and drive the car back down. The car made the trip great and aside from several spots of heavy rain, the trip was uneventful. I'm currently located pretty close to WDW obviously.

    Here's a couple photos of my car in it's new home:

    This move is a permanent one so for the most part, goodbye DCO and hello DCF! (Dont get me wrong, I still love all the DCO members and we'll all certainly stay friends, but the events will be more quite a bit more difficult to attend )

    Anyway just wanted to introduce myself and find out how I could be added to any mailing lists or contact lists for gatherings and events.

    Hope to see you all soon!

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    Welcome to Fl Nick! Not too far away from me!!

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    Oh man..... Mechanical engineer at WDW. My son is thinking he wants to be a ME and he would wet his pants working there! (I might too...)

    I need to stay in your good books. One day I really, really, really want to get a behind the scenes tour of that place. Call me weird (or call me a Delorean owner), but the "how" of WDW is just as fascinating if not more so, than the actual visit.

    Good luck with the new job! Oh, BTW, although the Sterling didn't end up in Houston due to the parking lot status of my house, I kept conversing with Elaine and she told me a man and his teenage son bought it recently as a father-son restoration. She was happy it was going to a good home. Man, that would have been a fun project!
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    Warm Welcome to You!! Look forward to meeting you at some of the tech sessions and DCF events!! Let me know if you ever make it down to Sarasota and i'll be more than happy to show you the town!!

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    background tour

    I'm with you spitty, the behind the scene tour is great. My company sent us down to the Disney Institute for some corporate rah rah that included the back story. Did you know there is an underground city running everywhere. The laundry is unique. Looking at the bags of laundry rolling overhead reminded me of the Monsters INC movie. The guide said your exactly right, I was just about to tell the group but you beat me to it. Maybe Nick can set up a DeLorean group rate after he settles in. Well worth it.........

    Paul Cerny #2691
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    The laundry facilities are indeed very impressive, if nohing else just because of the volume of laundry. I think there are now 24 Disney resorts on property all requiting fresh laundry; that plus all the employee uniforms. unbelievable facilities. The "underground city" is only under the Magic Kingdom. It is pretty impressive though. I used to have a desk down there as an intern a few years ago. I still know the tunnels pretty darn well. I'll just be in an office building behind the scenes though, going into the parks when necessary.

    I always wondered what happened with the Sterling Spittybug. Bummer you couldn't swing the deal but it sounds like hopefully it went to a good home. That's still the only one ive ever seem in person.

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    Good news, so glad the drive down went well and that you managed not to be too swamped by Hurricane Andrea. I guess I'll see you (and park with you too) next Saturday at Hurricane Who's Summer Night, for less rain & more fun. And for anyone else "who" may want to come out and join Nicholas, myself, and more than a few others, we are going to this:

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    Welcome to Florida Nicholas.
    Cool job, btw!
    We met briefly at DCS in Orlando; you, my son ('85 Supra guy), and I were fellow judges.

    Hope you make the best of year round, often pretty decent, driving weather.

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    Glad to have you in town, Nick! I'm sure we can look forward to some great DCF get togethers in the coming months.
    Brandon S.

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    Slightly off topic, but I hope to visit you guys some day. I have family in Jacksonville and (soon) Altamonte Springs. Congrats on the move, Nick!
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