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Thread: Official Pictures of Other (Non-D) Cars You Own

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    You guys have some good taste. Making me nostalgic for an '01 330Ci I had a long time ago. Nice performing car. One of the better ones I've had in that area.


    ....Michael... I think I see a speck of dirt on one of those tires on your work van. I think you could line up a thousand vehicles in a row and still know exactly which ones are yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian Dietrich View Post
    This was my first brand new car I bought in January 2000 when I was 22 years old and today has 126k miles and still just as clean and new 18 years later! About 90% original including the paint, clutch, stereo andn speakers. Only mods are functioning Ram Air hood and the cat back exhaust system and a GM performance parts M45 supercharger that takes the 2.4 Twin Cam from 150hp/155tq to 205hp/200tq. Its been a great reliable fast and fun car and hasn't been a daily driver since 2008! I have had plenty of offers to sell the car but I never will and I love Cavaliers and these cars are getting harder to come by now that are in any decent shape at all.

    *Snip* photos removed *Snip*

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    Couldn't resist posting twice in the same thread?

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    My "daily driver". My customized work van which contains a mobile body shop.

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    Nice! I love a good utility vehicle. Looks like it does a pretty good job of keeping itself very clean.
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    Huh maybe i did and didn't relieve that, lol

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