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Thread: How To: Recovering Headliners 60+ photos

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    I finished this job today. Prepping the boards was really tedious, but not difficult. Getting the new material on and looking nice wasn't difficult either, I just had to be careful with my usually club like hands. However, with the center headliners, I wrapped the material back around on the boards, having forgotten that the material originally wraps up and glues on to the body. So it looks a little weird with some exposed fiberglass right beneath the weatherstripping.

    But the headliners are now new, clean, and not sagging into my face.

    Honestly, the biggest bitch during this job was getting the sun visors back in. The screws that hold them on are very short, and my new headliner has a noticeably thicker backing foam. This meant that the original sun visor screws could not reach their receptacles anymore. So I just grabbed some longer M5 bolts out of my pile of random crap, and things went back in just fine at that point.

    Not a perfectly done job on my part, but I think it still looks pretty darned good, and good enough to not have spent the insane $600 on the fiberglass units.
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    Very clear and precise advice. I particularly want to thank you for the idea of placing a 1/8" steel bar in the back nearest the back window. It fixed the sagging and bowed headliner so it really made it look like new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by opethmike View Post

    Honestly, the biggest bitch during this job was getting the sun visors back in. The screws that hold them on are very short, and my new headliner has a noticeably thicker backing foam. This meant that the original sun visor screws could not reach their receptacles anymore.
    I agree, the sun visor screws are generally the most challenging aspect of this project!

    When I recovered the headliners on both 4194 and 5052 I have riveted the front and rear center sections together to make a single-piece headliner. Aside from the couple minutes it took to rivet the two sections together, it really didn't complicate the process recovering process and the results look great.

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    Wow - great write up. Having just bought a project car that will require me to do this job, I spent some time digesting the info. My "boards" are already stripped and alas have some crease folds in them. I was interested in the epoxy repair you carried out. I was thinking along the lines of using very fine fibre glass tissue - the really fine stuff that wouldn't add that much to the overall thickness - I like the alumin(i)um (yeah I'm a Brit !) stiffening bracket too. Thanks for this.

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    Im glad you like it, as for adding glassfibre to the creased boards, remember the boards will absorb the resin like fiber cloth would so unless the board has gotten thin or has holes I don't think adding material is really nessesary.

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    Careful cutting into the curve and any ideas to get glue off the good side?

    Hey great directions!!! Thank-you!! This really helped me!! One thing I noticed when cutting the slits toward the fiberglass for the curves. Be careful not to cut all the way to the fiberglass. I cut in too far toward the fiberglass and you can see part of the cuts after the trim is back on.

    One other problem is that I got a little bit of 3M glue over spray on the good side. Any suggestions on getting it off without damaging the material? Thanks, Rod.

    Quote Originally Posted by vwdmc16 View Post
    Step 6, Installing Rear headliner

    Begin by making sure the rear interior quarter panels are pulled away from the B pillars, an assistant makes this easier. Fold the seats forward and stick the driver side of the rear liner in between the interior panel and the roof, Push it over as much as you can without damage and then slip the passenger side on top of the interior panel, support the center of the liner and hook the center loop on the hook on the roof, it should make a solid click when fully engaged.

    Use a flash light to be sure the liner is hooked on the roof bracket.

    Check both sides that the board lines up flush with the roof , you should not have any overlap, it should look like so. Then spray a bit of glue on the door seal flange and the liner.

    Start in the middle of the curve and cut the excess material with three cuts like so until you get to the fiberglass.

    Fold the material over and clamp it on, Let the glue dry while you go to the other side of the car and do the same.

    On the inside go ahead and screw the trim screw down to lock it in place.

    Trim the excess just after it wraps around the fiberglass, Dont cut too much but you dont want to see extra material after you replace the inner door seal back over it.

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    Excellent how-to, I followed this thread yesterday when I did my headliners.

    Thanks for your effort & details!
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