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Thread: Warren Wallingford, formerly of DeLorean Motor Company (Houston)

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    Such a sad news.
    My condolences to his family.
    I've never spoke to him personally but we communicate trough e-mail and he was a very nice guy and very helpful man.

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    I had the chance to see Warren a few times over the years and talk to him many times on the phone. I will always remember his calm laid back demeanor and dry wit. Warren wrote a very informative basic Trouble Shooting guide that was handed out during with a the first DMCH Open house. His dry sense of humor, made it into to a few sentences that only Warren would say. Every time I run across it, it always made me smile.

    Here is a sample:

    "Starter spins, engine won’t start: This is a common situation and the classic question is: fuel or fire? For the Delorean the answer is nearly always----fuel. To check for fuel pressure and therefore the operation of the fuel pump, crack the 12m banjo nut on the cold start valve, (the dingus with the blue connector), while an assistant cranks the engine. If gasoline goes EVERWHERE, the fuel pump is working and you must check for spark at a plug. Re-tighten the cold start bolt and allow the fuel to dissipate before you pull a plug wire to check for fire. Guess why. (Extra credit question). If no spark is present at a plug, check for spark at the coil by briefly arcing the coil wire to the engine block. When there is fire at the coil and none at the plug, replace the cap and rotor. If the coil is not firing, check for the presence of the impulse signal. This is the signal the ECU makes from the info from the impulse coil in the distributor and uses to fire the ignition coil. The impulse signal may be seen on the coil connector that has the slate/white wire. "

    I originally posted the the entire document on the DMCTALK.COM. I'll check the resources/how-to section to see if I had reposted it here. If I don't find it. I will post it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evildeli View Post
    What a lose. Warren was just a fantastic guy. I swear he knew part numbers better than the catalog. I actually looked forward to talking to Warren when I ordered parts with DMCH. I met him in person once, and he was professional, courteous and above all, a real pleasure to talk to. My condolence goes out to his family.
    I felt the exact same way... I remember when I ordered by first accessory from DMCH (it was a DMC tag) years before I actually purchased my car. The next day he called and I looked at the caller ID and thought it was the coolest thing that they actually called to tell me my stuff was getting shipped out- even with it being such a small order. Many times after that when ordering parts I would talk to him and ask him about certain details of what I should order (this doesnt work here, this doesnt work there) and he always was quick with an answer- very courteous, very friendly, and most of all very knowledgeable. I felt like I was holding him up from doing something important but he never once had any issues answering all of my questions in detail. Seems like I did get to meet him at one of the DCS shows (Pigeon Forge maybe?). Great guy and an even greater loss to the community. My prayers go out to his family...
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    I met Warren several times at the DMC shop and at most of the Delorean car shows, I have no clue how often he helped me with repair advise and parts, he was a great employee for DMCH but also a great friend to of the Delorean family. God speed Warren.

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    My condolences..

    I spoke with Warren alot for almost twenty years and always enjoyed his advice and awesome attitude.. he was missed when he retired and will now be missed even more.. rest in peace Warren!!!

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    Very, very sad news. Warren was a great guy, super knowledgable and always pleasant to deal with.
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    Smile Dear Warren

    God bless each and all who expressed their experience and love for Warren. Warren formed a beginning for many of us in our DeLorean world. I can hear his soft raspy voice now as I think of him. Perhaps Julee said best what is in our hearts, "We will see you later my friend". God bless you and keep you. Love, Byrne

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    Sorry to hear this. I didn't have too many interactions with him, but the few I did over phone and email were all very positive. He was a guy who clearly put others first. He will be missed.
    David Proehl

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    Warren was one of the reasons many of us stuck through some tough times in the Delorean community. He was a breath of fresh air and always helpful when most of us were just learning about the cars.
    He will always be remembered warmly as a friend and the impact he had on my passion for the marque.

    Cecil Longwisch
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    This is sad news, indeed. I first talked to Warren sometime in 1997 after I bought my first DeLorean and called up DMCH for some parts. From that point up until he retired, between my phone calls for parts, Open House events, and dropping by DMCH occasionally when in Houston, I can't even imagine how many times I've talked to him. And every time he was always exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable, patient, and perhaps most importantly, had a great sense of humor!

    My condolences to his family and, Warren, thanks for everything!


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