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Thread: Warren Wallingford, formerly of DeLorean Motor Company (Houston)

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    I'm sorry to hear this. I never met or spoke to him, but I remember in the DMCHelp forums he was very helpful and a nice person.

    Whenever I saw his name I knew he was well respected in the Delorean Community.
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    As I was going through some stuff in the attic I ran across this ... gave me pause for a moment.

    photo (96).jpg
    Jack Skeens

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    Now that is a great piece of DMCH history right there.
    Proof of magnitude in existence there when adding your first name on top of the company's address.
    They say people never die when remembered.
    This man will not be forgotten

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    My condolences. Very sad. I spoke with him over the phone and met him in person. Very nice guy.

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    So sorry for your loss. My condolences.

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    Warren was always a great resource and he never steered me wrong when I owned my first DeLorean. I was so sad to hear of his passing.

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    We will miss him

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    i know this is an old thread but Warren made buying parts at DMC easy and effortless. he knew parts by number and knew the details about the car and never gave any higher than tho attitude. sweet laid back dude. sorry to hear hes passed away.

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    Yesterday I was looking on line to find some information on installing headliners in the Delorean. On a site called Scribd ( a great site for people who reads books on line) I found a 4 page write up by Warren on Headliner Installation and once more I was reminded of just how much this man brought to the Delorean family. He is missed.
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